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Residential Security System Maintenance & Repair

Our technicians are highly experienced and have worked on numerous types of residential security and CCTV systems, enabling them to quickly assess problems and repair residential security systems from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. Their knowledge about the operations of your existing system also allows us to integrate and/or upgrade your system when required. We also have the expertise to upgrade safe locks from a dial configuration to an electronic lock configuration.

If your security system is defective, you could be putting your loved-ones and valuables at risk. 

Please call into our store or call us on 713-869-0581 to discuss your system requirements with one of our experts.

At Howard Safe & Locks, we offer a complete range of home and commercial security products and systems

Howard Safe & Locks 826 E. 14th St. Houston, TX 77009 Phone: 713-869-0581 FAX: 713-869-0583

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